Wednesday 27 June 2018

Eldar Bright Avengers

Got some Space Elves painted, though just a few more done this time, there are another 6 to finish as well. These few allow me to have a complete squad with options. Once again the theme is the Craftworld Alaiborn (origins of the Alai Mercenary Corps (in my head)). These are the elite troops of the Dire (Bright) Avengers, with their vintage Aspect armour, using the 'pink' tones of the Alai paint scheme. The Dire Avengers are known as a noble and merciless warrior, and are the most tactically flexible of all the Aspect Warriors of the Eldar paths.

The three newly painted models, the Exarch in the middle with her twin Avenger Catapult.

Two new paint Dire Avengers.

The other side of each.

Hopefully what you can't see is that the new Exarch is a metal conversion that someone had started, I acquired her in a box of bits. Originally she is a Banshee body, a Avenger Head, Exarch sword arm and 2 plastic Shurikens I adapted. I did think about swapping out the sword arm, but I like the look. The conversion had a pistol, but I think the twin Avenger Shuriken Catapult looks much better.  I've re-pined the sword arm and 'filled' in the gaps around various parts of the model to clean up the ordinal trimming. Hopefully it looks like a 'original' variation now.

Joining 2 other Avengers and a Exarch on the left (with the same sword arm). 

  Original Exarch in the squad, for variation in the style. 

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