Friday 7 July 2017

Old Dwarf, New Age

Bloodbowl as many of you know is back, but its bigger (liberality, 32mm bases) and very well evolved since those heady days of the 80's when I was first playing. But just like me, I have a number of 'old' Bloodbowl teams. Most of which were incomplete within the new rules, but I have been fortunate enough to acquire replacements. The only thing that I wasn't happy about after creating my boar centaurs for the Chaos Dwarfs, was trying to find a suitable replacement for Mad Eye, the Chaos Dwarf Star player. Once again, Milliput has come to my rescue. I've got hold of a Chaos Dwarf with the right look, in that he dates from the same time. This one is the loader from the Bazooka team, it has a wooden shaft which will work for a simple Blunderbuss.

This is the initial creation, as you can see I've found a cone of a suitable size. Its from the 2nd Edition Bloodbowl so I've added a fuse. That is also the basics of the 'half' ball on the knife.

 After a bit of drying I moved onto mounting and adding the 'ball'.

 There is a bit of a gap from the mounting, but I'm happy with the position now.

 Filled in the gaps and added a little shape to the edge of the barrel to show as reinforcement. I've also modified the fuse a bit more, with some extra area to were it is located.

 He's looking very nice now, onto painting.
 The finished little Chaos Dwarf, ready to 'KAPOW' balls into the end-zone.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Bases, Get to the Bases.

Had a little pause in the blogging over the last few days as I've been out with the family, home life is important to keep a chap sane. So I've been back to the painting, this time its all about the bases. Unfortunately it seems I've done a lot of painting and not looked at something which just as important, the base. Most of these are slotta tab models, and I did think about cutting the tabs off, but I'm reluctant to just to hack away at these little guys and change them to much. Also as it seems I've got everything painted, but not the base, I have a mass of stuff to get finished. Which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake as it was rather a big bit of work, so a little bit daunting. Its only saving grace was the fact that I decide on a different design for each group.

Imperial Army/Guard:

 My little robot, he's got a mix of affects on the base. While easier to do than the others as he's not a slotta, dates back to about 88. So metal/concrete look to try and keep in with an Imperial/Hiveworld feel.

 Some, mud, sand, dead grass and a rock.

 And you can just make out 'STOP'.

A later metal Ogryn, with his 'Ripper' gun, dating from 94. Metal/concrete and stones. 

Some sand, plus you can see the 'hawk' tattoo on his shoulder. 

Couple of Imperial Army from 87, which I've painted using the 91 Warhammer Compendium Imperial Guard Squad markings. Metal/concrete, stones and a few 'markings'. 

 Sniper Lang, one of my favourite paints. As the others he's on a mix of metal/concrete, sand and some dead grass. Added a warn out <!> sign for a bit more affect. Again about 87.

The fantastic Imperial Ninja Assassin, on a metal/concrete base. Some sand, dead grass and the number 5 at the back. I've tried to paint him in style similar to the old GI Joe 'Storm Shadow' character, note the marking on his arm. He dates back to about 88.  

The rest of the group all based up.


The Eldar or Space Elves, depending on your age, were a bit more of a challenge. I wanted them to look a bit like they where on the Craftworld ships, or maybe recovering lost resources from a downed vessel. These are normally Wraithbone, which from the image I could find, a bone and gold sandy colour. So we have Bone White, and Screaming Skull, bit of Druchii Violet, mix of Agrax Earthshade and flicks of gold. This chap dates from 91.

 Same as above, though this Eldar Guardian is a bit older from 90 if I recall.

Spent a little bit more time painting the Eldar Warlock, he dates from 91. 

The complete team all based up. 

4 Guardians, Warlock, 2 Dire Avengers and their Exarch (90/91).


 The Harlequins have been waiting on a base scheme for a while, and are some of the first miniatures I started painting again. So have been waiting almost a year now while I try to figure out what I wanted. I was trying to keep it all bright and garish, like they are, but not loose their tabs. As I had originally thought about cutting them all off. This Trooper dates 88/89.

As you can see, I've gone for a little sand, some dead grass again. But 3 strong colours on them all, apart from the Death Jester. With a blue, orange, and the colour I hate painting, yellow. Avatar above is from 88/89.

The complete team, all from around 88/89, apart form the leader in the middle who is a later release of 94 I think.