Friday 7 July 2017

Old Dwarf, New Age

Bloodbowl as many of you know is back, but its bigger (liberality, 32mm bases) and very well evolved since those heady days of the 80's when I was first playing. But just like me, I have a number of 'old' Bloodbowl teams. Most of which were incomplete within the new rules, but I have been fortunate enough to acquire replacements. The only thing that I wasn't happy about after creating my boar centaurs for the Chaos Dwarfs, was trying to find a suitable replacement for Mad Eye, the Chaos Dwarf Star player. Once again, Milliput has come to my rescue. I've got hold of a Chaos Dwarf with the right look, in that he dates from the same time. This one is the loader from the Bazooka team, it has a wooden shaft which will work for a simple Blunderbuss.

This is the initial creation, as you can see I've found a cone of a suitable size. Its from the 2nd Edition Bloodbowl so I've added a fuse. That is also the basics of the 'half' ball on the knife.

 After a bit of drying I moved onto mounting and adding the 'ball'.

 There is a bit of a gap from the mounting, but I'm happy with the position now.

 Filled in the gaps and added a little shape to the edge of the barrel to show as reinforcement. I've also modified the fuse a bit more, with some extra area to were it is located.

 He's looking very nice now, onto painting.
 The finished little Chaos Dwarf, ready to 'KAPOW' balls into the end-zone.

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