Wednesday 26 June 2019

Adeptus Titanicus - Pallidus Mor

Seems that I've got into Games Workshops re-release of a title back from the 80's, which is pretty much when I got into board gaming, miniatures and RPG. This one is Adeptus Titanicus, something that before I had a clear-out I still had a few bits of. The rules are fundamentally different to the old rule set, while the background is still based in the Horus Heresy. The main thing that would be noticed is that the models are to a 8mm scale, rather than the 6mm of the original. When you look back at the minis, that size seemed very flexible.
I've adopted a old Legio that also dates back to those old mini's, though the information was scarce. But I've just recently listen to a audio book of the Legio most famous battles, with their whole attitude to how they recruit and train being key in my decision.
I've managed to get enough Titan's built and painted in a short time to enable me to have a decent sized Legio. though I have about the same again in boxes ready to get built further. I did concentrate on getting the Reaver titans painted up first, as they are my favorite of the models. Having got a airbrush from my wife at Christmas helping me speed the painting up a lot, though I still haven't managed to master using it fully.

This is the first titan I got painted up 'Anathema Tenebris',Dark Trooper. Who's stood upon the remains of a original epic Warhound.

I decided on a green Nurgle theme for the old Warhound.

The second is 'Tenebris Venandi' Dark Hunter, who I got mostly painted up. So I added some extra detail.

I also build a 'Warp Missile' from some spares as GW don't currently have a sprue with one on.

Once I got my eye in for how I wanted the Titans to look, I painted up 'Tenebris Opera Dissipantis', Dark Destroyer. Generally I use this one as the leader of Legio so the princeps. As per the other Titans, all the Legios art work is hand painted. Though I have used a few general transfers on them to add some clearer detail to the Titans.

Then we have the Warhound class titans, 'Lupus Ultori', Avenging Wolf.

With some alternative weapon options via magnets.

Then 'Lupus Irasatur', Angry Wolf.

And alternative weapon options.

Whole Legio together.

I've also been working on some Knights, but I'll add those in another post.

The Dark Destroyer with alternative weapons via the help of some magnets.

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