Saturday 30 November 2019

Adeptus Titanicus - Pallidus Mor Banners

Now while I don't mind painting banners, with Titans, it seems like there are a lot to paint. Banners for the Titan, banners for the weapons, banners between the legs. So to save me a bit of hobby time, I've put a few together in a image package I have on my tablet. I've yet to test them, but the few that I did print out seemed to work out okay. At the moment I'm think the weapon banners need to be about 140px (pixels) to fit the scale, but I'll revise this as I do some test.

The image above was the first test I did, its take from the Pallidus Mor image you can find online and merged with a 'Griffins' banner that I found. It worked okay, so I moved on a bit and came up with the next set. Which as you can see I've tried to give them a background image to fold the paper behind, then did the same with some weapon banners that I found. All this while trying to make each banner a bit different, with changes in the number of markings.
After this I started working on some plan banners for the Titans, while adding some more for the weapons, replicating the image be changing them a little.

Then finally with the ones below, I've added some text, also with a little variation. Though they work rather well, I still have some more work to do with them in order to make each one unique.