Tuesday 13 February 2018

Painting Games Workshop Plastic

Rather a first for me, I've painted a fair bit of Games Workshop plastic vehicles, resin from companies link Zinge and Anvil. But nothing that not either metal or over 20 years old, and in this case I've just complete 2 very new sculpts. Both of these are re-imagined version of something that's been around a very long time, and both I own copies of those original models.

First is the starting point of a new group that I'm painting. The Eldar (now know as Aeldari) Harlequins, pointy eared Space Elf Jesters and Acrobats of the Elfish world and 41st Millennium. Who when they are not hunting down the forces of Chaos and intern preventing all of space and time being ripped apart, like to travel about giving 'Space plays' on the demise of the once great Eldar.

The model I've spent a bit of time one is the Solitaire, some who can tear a hole in the fabric of space, then appear almost wherever they want.

 This is the first model that I've ever painted a chequer pattern on, it was definitely a challenge and took some time to get right. Along with this I made a number of mistakes in how I did it. 
 Mistakenly I painted red lines first on to the primer coat, then closed each one into a diamond shape. Which after I had fill in the gaps with a yellow, a terrible colour to keep smooth. I should have gone yellow first and then painted the chequer diamonds on top. Something to remember for next time.

 The purple and pinks of the coat has some chameleon paint on it, which is hard to see in the photos, gives it a little reflection in the light as you move it.

After this, I moved on to another plastic model in my painting pile. This one is a Callidus Assassin, who is also a recent plastic model, and a pain to put together. You need 3 arms to get both legs and the body to fit together correctly. As I have 2 other Assassins painted to look like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from Action Force or G.I.Joe. This one I decided to paint as Scarlett, in the blue and yellow colours from the later IDW/Marvel comics. I do think that I should have gone with a lighter blue, maybe more grey. But overall she should make a nice impact on the board.