Tuesday 11 December 2018

Flings, Fling

Now, I'm not the fastest painter, nor do I claim to be the best. But it would seem that some people like what I do. In this case, so much so that I've gained a new friend, Robin. We met as you sometimes do in the 21st Century, on Facebook after he was selling some old miniatures. Turns out that he also has a love of the old Halfling Blood Bowl team, in particular, the style that I've painted mine. At the time I was look for some Skaven (ratmen) to increase the models I had so that I could start a Skaven team of my own. So in exchange of the Skaven he had, I said I would paint him some Halflings and he'd send me the minis. Though I did warn him, I'm slow, and I paint in waves. 6 months later, I've finally finished. I don't know the team name, I'll add it once Robin has decided, but they are done and posted yesterday. Painted in a style similar to my 'Fondant Fancies', but with something a bit different so they are not just a clone of what I did before. Even the Treemen are painted in 2 different styles, with one just a light brown/sand and a Earthshade wash. Then the other one is also brown/sand base, but with ink washes in 2 different colours.
I hope they bring him years of enjoyment, it was nice to paint the little guys again.