Wednesday 20 September 2017

Rogue Trader Imperial Army.

Over the last 3 weeks I've done a fair bit of painting. Well I would say its more of a obsession at the moment, with me painting something almost every night. Which is good, as I only really like to paint when the mood takes me. This does mean that I seem to have a number of jobs that I on going, as I drop one thing and start another. But in this case I managed to persist and come through the other side, the urge to just slap a coat on came to me a few times. Meaning the 'searchlight' and Sentinel legs are not awesome in their paint jobs, but overall everything has had some dedication. As I work with a Matt acrylic varnish, it means I can easily add more detail later and re-varnish that bit. I just need to be careful not to repeat that process to much as it will build up layers on the model.
With this effort I have build up a small themed force of original Imperial Army troops, so of which you might have seen before in earlier posts. So I will be just adding photo of those that are new. The theme of these being called Imperial Army 7th Regiment, 2nd Platoon, N Company 'Necromunda', Necromunda is a massive hive world, think Mega City One from Judge Dread, but a whole planet. These massive hives police themselves with 'sanctioned' gangs controlling the streets and walk ways. Then in turn the troops are recruited from these 'hive world' gangs, as they make excellent urban fighters.

 First a nice group photo, which includes some of the other models I've painted.

 'Luck Seven' banner, cards

 Or dice.(1989)

 Trooper Peart (1987)

 Trooper Mosley (1987)

 Orginal metal Storm Trooper

 Trooper Bruce


 Trooper Kelly

 Imperial Assasin (Snake Eyes)

  Sgt Howard

With a fine tash.

Imperial Heavy Trooper, one of the earliest models I own. March 87.
 another version of the Imperial Heavy Infantry.

Same design, different model.

And another.
Trooper Pank
 Ratlings/Halflings Hobbits, though I think this one looks like a Larry.

Ratling Sergeant 


This one reminds me of Dustin Hoffman.

 With a fat eye. 

Rapier Cannon.
 You can see the camo scheme better from the side.

 Original Guard 'eggs on legs' Sentinels.

This version has the other crew variant.

Thursday 7 September 2017

Halloween is Comin'

I painted this little chap last year for Halloween, as you can see, it's themed in pumpkin colours. So as the day of the death will be arriving next month, it seemed like a good time to put up some pictures of 'Bumpkin' in good time. As you can also see, I decided it would be a good idea to make matching pumpkin.