Thursday 17 May 2018

Even Possessed You Serve The Emperor

The minions of humanity in the dark future that is Warhammer 40k serve thier Emperor in many ways. Loyal Service in the Imperial Guard, is just one of those many things that they can do. Sometimes those weak of mind, or even repentant of their sins can be possessed by a Daemon. This can be just for information as part of a Inquisitorial investigation, though in rare cases they can be bought to the battle field. A powerful weapon that the Inquisition can deploy against their foes.

As you can see, I painted one up. While this is not as old as some of my other miniatures, its is something that Games Workshop, Citadel are no long producing (2000 I think). This was a very quick paint for me, I got the base coat on the day before and tried to keep the colours simple. The skin tone is the same as the leather straps binding the host, but shaded with a lighter brown. To give the skin a more deathly look, then I've dry brushed the 'daemon forced' areas with some reds. Along with a 'skin' pink on other parts. The leather was given 2 'brown' washes then highlighted with the base colour to pick out key parts. The metal chains and such are just a silver, with a dark oil wash and minimal highlights. Some areas, like between the fingers are given a dark highlight. Then a few bits picked out with other colours, like the white on the syringes in its leg and red seals.

Below are some closeups of the detail on the 'Imperial Seals' and the Syringes. 

Wednesday 9 May 2018

The Power of the Avatar

Once again, I'm back working on my retro Warhammer metal miniatures, though I've taken my sweet as time on this one, and I know its very different. Its probably been about a year in the painting, as I started it with just the 2 colours. Then I rather lost my way, when digging through a box of bits to find some other models, I found him. So the whole thing took off again last week, not a long time painting in the grand scheme of things, but I was also painting a mass of Guardians and some Hawk (almost done). In truth he has a few things that I'm not happy with, but I'm at that point I need to stop before it becomes a obsession. So this is my interpretation of the Avatar of Khaine of the Craftworld Alaiborn (origins of the Alai Mercenary Corps (in my head)).

I know, look at those glorious pink legs and green socks!
The red in between all the colours represents that his body is made of molten metal. But I'm planning on it being the colour of my Fire Dragons
The blue is the colour of the Craftworld Guardians.
Pink in the colour of the Dire Avenger Troops.
Then finally the green is from the Striking Scorpions.
The green and the blue is also the colour of my Alai Mercenary Corps, so will tie in with them nicely too.
Just the Howling Banshees that I'm yet to decide on.

Plus the starting of many troops that form that Craftworlds Guardian defence.