Tuesday 12 June 2018

Graceful Hawks of Craftworld Alaiborn

Continuing with my slow painting of Eldar (Space Elves) of the Craftworld Alaiborn (origins of the Alai Mercenary Corps (in my head)), I've moved onto their more graceful flying elements. Aspect Warriors know as the Swooping Hawks, normally blue. But when something tells me it needs to be this way, immediately I want to change it all.
Researching some hawks, I noticed how they are more likely to have a lighter coloured body, with a dark back feathers. In cloudy areas, this blends them in with the sky while also reflecting light. The dark feathers when on the ground help them blend in, and means they are harder to be seen from above when flying low themselves. Figuring these Aspect Warriors would take their colour scheme from the 'giant hawks' of their now lost home world I had a little test paint. 

This is the start of the test scheme, which seemed to work very well. Brown on the wings, with a deep red to break up the pattern and the same on the head. The body is all white, with a light red wash. This gave it a pink look, but that is only the start of the scheme so that will change. The weapon is just a black or dark colour to pick it out, I'm highlighting with grey to give it a bonish look.

This is after the highlights and other things have been done and a satin varnish. The body is picked out with more white to tone down the pink, and a little brown wash in key areas to darken those bits up more. The 'leather' look of pouches and belts is a 'bone white' washed with a brown at least twice.

So the finished model on it base, wooden with a brass pole, and a varnished bit of drift wood picked up from a walk on the beach.

The model in the middle I'm using to represent there group leader, hence the aspect rune on its head, unlike the others.

Before any asks, I hand painted the rune, I've never used transfers.


  1. Really lovely work mate, and I think the idea for the background is great!

    1. Thanks very much, didn't even realise that you'd posted this. The background came from wanting to do something a bit different, so cheers.

  2. Very good work. I'm currently scouring the net for Swooping Hawk-related painting schemes and I'm certainly glad I stumbled upon yours. What's the old saying: flattery is...