Tuesday 19 June 2018

Greene Space Nebula

I had one of those painting moments last night, I'd been thinking about painting a Eldar Farseers cloak with a fancy space pattern and stars on the back. But I wasn't really sure how to start it, I had the basics there, with a green base coat. Then, just before bed, I got the urge, so I acted on it. It was about 1am before I was done but I'm pretty happy with the look and the little stars. As always it does need some clean up and the rest of him isn't finished, but it does create the impact I was looking for.
As always, its all hand painted, no spraying or anything. The only thing that wasn't brushed on is the dots for stars as that was the end of a toothpick.

 Cloak, with the basics of the mini already painted in.

Then the back, with the nebula and stars.

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