Wednesday 18 July 2018

D&D Party Time

Maximising my nerd level, I'd recently joined a D&D group. As part of that I'd started on some sketches of the characters in the group, but then the DM decided combat was getting a bit confusing. So added a dry wipe maps and some models, so on behalf of the group I painted us all up. I've tried to pick and paint models based on the characters, so first a group photo.

As you can see we have (left to right, front to back), A Halfling Monk (me) called Perry, a Druid Dwarf called Ulfgar Frostbeard, 'Elf' Barbarian called Jerry Jackson, Elf Rogue called Oakenheal, and finally a Dragon Born Rogue called Skylax. 

My own model Halfling, is not the same as I'd imagined, but I was rather limited by the range of miniatures. But a more slender figure then the usual tubby Halflings worked well, and he has a nice set of chops (Halfling Fighter). Perry was nice and quick to paint, and didn't need any modification. The 'sculpted' eyes where a bit of a challenge and he looks a bit 'squinty'.


Next is the Druid Dwarf, he's built from a Dwarf Champion. His axe lopped off, and a pickaxe added, along with a cape and some 'animal' hand shoulders. Tried to keep the skin tones dark, and and simple clothes, along with his 'shoe-less' feet. Took the opportunity to add some grass to his cloak to add more or a earth feel.

The Elf Barbarian was a bit of a challenge, all the models I could find where clothed or had mssive beards. This didn't really suit him, so this one is probably a bit more 'bulky' then a traditional elf. But it is tall, and had a rather awful pony tail, so won it for me (Merc Barbarian). I added a cloak, just a protect from the elements, and the axe head is swapped from the Dwarf model.


Another Elf this time, a Rogue. This model fitted in perfect with the image in my head, and was in a nice pack of 2 from Ral Partha. So she just needed some 'firey' red hair and a nice clean finish, though I also added some deep purple to the leggings. To show off that Elf 'refinement'. I had to play with her skin tone a lot, and I'm not sure its pale enough, but she does have a little flush in the cheeks. 

Finally we have our Dragon Born, who a Lizardman mini, with his spear removed. A magical sword added, and a little clothing. I did want to give him some proper 'Rogues' clothes, but the shape of the mini rather limited this. Plus it would hide his glorious copper skin, which is a gold base, light green wash. Followed by a purple wash and gold highlight.

If you like the Ral Partha miniatures, then do take a look at their website. Or direct to the links I've added to this blog above.

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