Wednesday 28 June 2017

Building New Old Miniatures

Now, due to the fact that I've got a bit of an obsession with old 80's miniatures that Games Workshop made, it can be hard to obtain something you want. Take for example Blood Bowl, something else that I have got back into in the last year. I can easily build a team for Blood Bowl get them painted and ready for a match, without being daunted by painting a massive army. But as I'm using all old models, the teams now are very different. Old Chaos Dwarfs had throwers, catchers and other such members in the team. The current rules it's just Chaos Dwarf Blockers, Hobgoblins, and Bull Centaurs. The most recent of which just looks really odd next to the old style Chaos Dwarfs, Hobgoblins are fine. But I needed to make the Bulls smaller, and more Boar Centaurs.
So, I had an extra Chaos Dwarf, and had acquired a plastic Citadel boar. After a little Google, started making plans, plans most cunning.

 First I started trimming out the plastic boar to ensure I got a nice clean fit.

 And then I cut off the Chaos Dwarfs feet, I wanted to leave as much as possible if it all went wrong.

 Well that's it, I'm committed now.

 Did a bit of lining up to check the size, then trimmed a bit more.

 Once I was happy I could look at getting it fixed.

No glue here, its all just a big ball of Milliput, including a bit in the back to add more weight. Next time I think I'd need to add something heavier to balance it out.

Started cleaning up the excess and smoothing it out were needed.

Then I added the armour details, in this case needed it to match the chain-mail that he already had. So I did the best I could with my current tools, a pointy stick.

The pointy stick worked rather well, I then added some armour to his new 'boar' bum and a little curly tail.

After some clean up work with a file and such, this is what I end up with, well once the paint was on. Not to shabby, and I got my first model built and converted in years.

Since this I have acquired some more tools, but all this work was done with about 5 tools that you can easily acquire. The Citadel Sculpting Tool Set, which I got second hand, but there are loads of alternatives. A sharp aluminium knife and an pointy tool, mine are from the Rolson tool set that gets used for lots of other things. Plus my old favourite Milliput, and a tub of Petroleum Jelly. The Petroleum Jelly you can use on your fingers and tools to help stop the Milliput sticking too much, or smooth out finger prints. Go easy, as to much will compromise the Milliput.

Next time, what do you do when you want 2 Boar Centaurs but no spare Dwarfs?

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