Thursday 29 June 2017

Bigger, Stronger, Better...

After my initial build of the Chaos Dwarf from a boar, I'm rather liking how it looks. But I realised that I don't have any more spare miniatures to modifiy, and these little guys are hard to get hold of. So it got me thinking, after sculpting trials, maybe I could build a miniature of my own. After all, I have Milliput, tools, and a bit of wire. So I have a look on Google for some ideas of a female Chaos Dwarf and get to work.

 I started with a wire frame, in a sort of rectangle, with 4 wires sticking out at each end for the legs. No Torso yet, as I figured it would be easier to add that later.

 The basic Milliput frame is added and fixed to the back to make it easier to hand. And a 2 pence coins for scale. I used a spare make-up sponge, as a soft prop for the sculpt.

 Once it has set for 24 hours, I moved on to giving it a bit of mass. Trying to ensure that the model remains balanced.

 The base came off, but it made it easier to get some of the shaping done with the files.

 Sponge is back, and the front legs and rear trotters are being worked on.

 Next I added the body with another wire frame, but I forgot to photo that. As you can see we have arms, head and the beginnings of a chest.

 This bit was difficult, as I didn't have any wire for making fingers. So I made a basic hand mitten shape and cut out the fingers for each, curling 1 round a tool to give it a grip. As you can see, I tried to shape in a six pack. Along with this I added fur.

 The face, well that all went terrible, I tried a number of tricks to get it right, but with the stickiness of the Milliput and my inexperience she just looked like some sort of shocked eyeless fish person.

So she got a helmet. 

 Then I started adding belts and harnesses.

 All while cleaning up the sculpt, we did at one point loose a finger.

 This was a nightmare to add back, as I lost the original, but I wasn't going to end up with a 3 fingered Dwarf. So after a number of attempts I got the little finger created and fixed in place.

Then she got painted, say hello to Beryl Bawl-Krucher.

 While do have some issues with this mini.
Over all she's rather pleasing, and you can still see the 6/4 pack.

I learn't a lot making this, and there are a number of things that I would do differently next time. Including sculpting the head as a separate piece in case of failures. Getting some thinner wire for the fingers and other bits would be a great idea, while not forgetting boars have 2 hove like toes.

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