Thursday 9 November 2017

Primaris Space Marines

I've moved a little away from the painting of my Imperial Guard now that the tanks and riders are complete. I do have plenty more to do, but I wanted to try and get another Marine squad finished for a tournament I had coming up with Salisbury Legion Wargames. I was running 2 battalions for the day, one Guard and one Marines Errant, this meant a minimum of 3 squads. So a good reason to add some more Primaris Marines to the lonely one I had already painted. As I had got these second hand, some of the finish wasn't 100%, but that in turn meant I wasn't under pressure to get them all to the same quality. With a week left till I was joining the chaps in Salisbury, bam! I knocked this little lot out. The one on the far right was missing a finger, so I made that out of Milliput, a fiddly job. Then the others a light undercoat, with a Coat D'arms white and an original blue from the old Citadel Colour range. I might be the first Ultramarine blue they did, as I have the original Space Marine set still, but I never labelled them. This is shaded with a more recent Asurman Blue on the white and then a very dark blue from the original 'Citadel Expert Inks' range. Highlighting is just on the blue, which I suspect is known as Lightning Bolt Blue, but I'm not sure. All the marking and shoulder insignia is hand painted, no stencils here.

 One squad of Primaris Marines complete, with the original guy in the back on the right. 

 You can see that I've painted up the Primaris Lieutenant with a old Rogue Trader Sergeant Marking on his head. This is just for this weekend's play, as I wanted a dramatic looking chap leading the group. I'm going to add the correct Sergeant at some point and update his marking so that he's a Lieutenant as expected.

 This is them with their base colours and shading, the highlights and detail comes a bit later.

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