Friday 4 August 2017

Space Ork Raiders - 80s style

A little while ago I acquired some old 1980's Citadel Space Orks Raiders, which have sat languishing in a box for some time. I'd originally planned on making 2 little squads with some other Orks for use in GW's Kill Team, but then Shadow War: Armageddon appeared. This meant I could use those lovely little Orks for both!
This little Orks are originally from a set called the Space Ork Raiders:

As you can see from this advert, a very distinct set of Orks in a particular style. Helmets, caps, padded armour and lots of bolt guns. So taking this as an influence I started about painting them up, and wow, they turned out better then I could have hoped.

First we have Hhruk, he's originally the second in command of the Raiders, as you can see I kept the colours simple. But they are nice and dark with plenty of shade to show off all the amazing detail on this mini.

Then we have their leader, Thrugg Bullneck. He's a brutish looking Ork, and I tried to keep too the same colours as the others. but with a little bit of his own style.
So we have the complete squad, with all the colours mixed up, but enough to give them a bit of unison. The rest off the troopers are below;
 'Ard with his heavy bolter, do like the highlights on his shoulder.
 Bod. Who doesn't love some nice blue trousers.
 Org-Rot doesn't, he prefers red.
 Meza, he went blue.
 Hav'it as you can see is the same sculpt as Meza, there are only a limited number of these models and poses. So you have to mix things up in different ways, in his case its a orange hat and base decoration.
 Tig, another repeating sculpt of Bob this time, yellow trousers and silver helmet.
 Baza, a blister alternative, he's got a rather cool plasma gun and lovely teeth.
 Another hero of the group, an alternative blister sculpt with his power axe.
 Farla in his orange trousers, and another lovely shoulder pad.
 Hello Mig, he likes long walks and smashin' headz.
Finally Waz'ap, didn't paint his skin green this time, but rather blue. To give him the look of a rather snug shirt.

Now you might have noticed a couple of Nobz in the back group, these three will probably not get any SW:A time. Though they where part of my original Kill Team, so got painted first, and are of the same period.
All the names where chosen by my 5 yr old daughter Josie.
 Frank, he doesn't like Imperial Guard. They once knocked over his cup of hot squig juice, and it took him ages to juice that squig.
 Brian, or bionic Brian as everyone else knows him.
Noba, is mostly angry, no one knows why.


  1. Love it! Really like the simple but interesting basing and the colour scheme has worked across the group - proper old school Space Ork Raiders! :)

  2. Thanks very much, I do tend to leave the basing till last. So it can be forgotten, I want to use these in SW:A so I figured fields of grass would be a bit silly.